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Created in 1998 as a vehicle to develop and acquire industrial properties outside of AllianceTexas. Hillwood Investment Properties is a unique full-service industrial real estate development and acquisition company.

Hillwood Investment Properties has developed 34.2 million square feet, leased 34 million square feet and acquired 17.7 million square feet across 12 U.S. markets.

The industrial property market is vitally important to Hillwood. Throughout the U.S., we develop, acquire, lease and sell premier industrial properties. We actively engage in every stage of industrial development, from acquisition and planning, to building design, construction, leasing and property management.


Hillwood Investment Properties’s development activities encompass all phases of acquisition, planning, building design, construction, leasing and property management for commercial properties. Hillwood Investment Properties partners with public and private organizations to make a vision a reality by ensuring projects provide a significant economic impact to their communities. This includes, but is not limited to the building of new infrastructure, recruiting new investment into the city or organization, creating new job opportunities and enhancing the quality of life for all.


The company’s investment strategy includes the direct ownership of assets as well as partnerships and other venture arrangements. Click here to learn more.

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