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A global logistics hub, premier business park and thriving residential market, AllianceTexas is a 27,000-acre master planned community that has generated 63,000+ jobs and an estimated $100.6 billion since its inception.


Hillwood Multifamily

One of North Texas' top multifamily builders and an industry trailblazer, Hillwood Multifamily focuses on designing innovative communities promoting dynamic and connected experiences for residents.


Hillwood Industrial-Logistics

A full-service industrial real estate developer, investor and advisor, Hillwood Industrial-Logistics is focused on building industrial excellence across North America and Europe.


Hillwood Urban

A full-service, urban-focused commercial developer, Hillwood Urban projects span all types of development, including office, mixed-use, build-to-suit, hospitality and civic.


Hillwood Communities

Delivering award-winning, master-planned residential developments across the U.S., Hillwood Communities is renowned for its excellence in placemaking.


Hillwood West

Hillwood West co-invests with seasoned residential developers, builders and landowners to create upscale and urban developments in the western U.S., primarily in California and Hawaii.


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