News Article | 3/17/2010

ATC Logistics & Electronics using FTZ


   ATC Logistics & Electronics (ATCLE) said this week it has begun offering customers with foreign trade zone access to reduce expenses on import duties, tariffs and fees.


   ATCLE said it has activated its use of FTZ No. 196 at the Alliance Global Logistics Hub. ATCLE assembles, repairs and handles logistics for manufacturers and providers of products such as GPS units and cell phones. The company leases close to a million square feet and employs 2,600 workers in Alliance.


   “ATCLE anticipates that the use of the Alliance Foreign Trade Zone will allow us to realize significant cost savings for our customers,” said Antony Francis, ATCLE president. “As we grow and gain a better understanding of how effective it can be, we expect to expand our use of the Foreign Trade Zone.”


   Hillwood, the developer of Alliance, said FTZ No. 196 is the top general purpose U.S. foreign trade zone in terms of the value of foreign goods admitted. In 2008 it admitted $5.36 billion in foreign products in fiscal year 2008.