News Article | 3/9/2010

Fort Worth Intermodal Airport, AllianceTexas, Celebrates 20 Years


As it reached its 20th anniversary on Dec. 14, AllianceTexas has had a $36.4 billion economic impact on North Texas. The 229 companies that now call the development home have built 31.2 million sq ft and created 28,000 jobs. Since the development began, the companies and residents of the AllianceTexas also have paid more than $730 million in property taxes, including more than $105 million in 2008.


Fort Worth Alliance Airport opened on Dec. 14, 1989 as the world’s first industrial airport and the centerpiece of an Alliance development that initially was designed to attract air cargo and aerospace manufacturing facilities. The subsequent addition of the BNSF Intermodal Facility on the west side, along with the existing Union Pacific mainline to rail serve buildings on the east side of the development, as well as the FedEx Sorting Hub, created an inland port intermodal logistics hub that is now the prototype for similar projects across the country.


As the project continued to grow and become more diversified with the addition of office, residential, entertainment and retail, Hillwood rebranded the development as AllianceTexas, which now includes several developments, residential communities and a town center.