News Article | 7/6/2007

Ghostbar glitz

It’s been a year since Ghostbar opened on the 33rd floor of the W Hotel.

Some of the buzz has died, but it’s still the glitziest nightclub in Dallas. Nowhere else has the impressive downtown views, or a floating glass deck, or a glittery mirrored elevator with piped-in stereo sound that whisks patrons up to the entrance.

It’s one of the few clubs that has consistently brought in celebrities and DJs-to-the-stars. On the flip side, real people who aren’t “on the list” can actually get in, and get close enough to gawk.

Ghostbar’s glitziness comes with a certain amount of hedonism. (Maybe a lot of hedonism, depending on your tastes.) Last Friday was the club’s first-anniversary party, and an enthusiastic Nick Cannon manned the decks. The actor, who starred in Drumline, kept yelling out to women in the audience.

“The most beautiful women I’ve seen,” he shouted. “There must be something in the water.”

Mr. Cannon played a lot of hits from two or three years ago – L.L. Cool J’s “Headsprung” was one – but no one really seemed to care about the music. At midnight, people huddled around the DJ booth, taking pictures of Mr. Cannon and dancing.

Ghostbar draws people of all ages. One woman wore a flashing, red lip-shaped button that read: “Kiss Me I’m 40!”

Wonder what she thought of the dirty dancing twentysomethings?

Tips on getting in

Ghostbar is open to the public, so virtually anyone can get in. Here are a few more tips to ensure admittance:

• Don’t get there at midnight on a night when a high-profile DJ is playing. Doors usually open at 10 p.m., so get there as close to then as possible.

• Reserve a table. They start at $300, which includes one bottle of alcohol and mixers for a minimum of six people.

• Look your best. Girls, leave the jeans at home. No sneakers for guys.

Star power

Celebrities who’ve graced Ghostbar with their presence in the last year:

Tony Romo and Carrie Underwood

Owen Wilson

Nick Lachey

Clint Eastwood

Justin Timberlake


Jose Canseco

Tommy Lee

Plan your life

Ghostbar: 2440 Victory Park Lane;

Cover charge: Ladies are usually free. Guys, up to $20.

What to wear: Ladies – clingy minidress or skirt and heels. Men – jeans, button-down shirt or tight-fitting graphic print tee.

Parking: Valet, limited street parking, $5 underground nearby.