News Article | 11/16/1999

Hillwood Expands Worldwide; Perot Reorganizes Team To Address Growing Business

Hillwood Expands Worldwide Perot Reorganizes Team to Address Growing Business By Michelle Napoli, Senior Associate Editor

Fort Worth, TX- When Hillwood Development Corp. chairman Ross Perot Jr. commented “We’re just beginning” at a September groundbreaking at his expansive Alliance development, he was not being facetious. As impressive as the Fort Worth Alliance Airport and its surrounding industrial development is, and having just celebrated the 10th anniversary of the airport’s opening, Alliance is actually less than a quarter built out. The comment could well apply to Hillwood itself, too. Though Alliance has clearly been the mothership of Hillwood and continues to be a sub-ject of focus, the company today is much more than the industrial airport development and the residential land deals with which it began. In fact, Hillwood has gotten into enough different lines of business-all connected, ultimately, to commercial real estate-that earlier in the year it announced a reorganization. The company now has eight different divisions: Hillwood Strategic Services, Hillwood Urban, Hillwood Investments, Hillwood Land, Hillwood Properties, Hillwood Residential, Hillwood Sports and Hillwood West. Each is headed by its own president. Despite the real estate and land connection, said Rick Patterson, CEO of Hillwood Development, the company is indeed expanding beyond its previous boundaries.