News Article | 7/15/2009

Kincaid’s Has ‘Scoop’ at Alliance

Kincaid’s Hamburgers feeds customers the only way it knows how — one burger at a time. But at its newly opened Alliance store, the same strategy goes for ice cream scoops.

“We are the first [Kincaid’s] store to serve ice cream by the scoop,” said Evan Parker, manager for the burger palace at Alliance Town Center.

Kincaid’s devotees mobbed the company’s fifth store when it joined the retail center in May at 9120 North Freeway. From office workers to families, a diverse clientele kept burgers flipping. And still do.

“I just say our focus is making one burger at a time. Just like at the Southlake store,” said Parker, who trained at the Southlake Boulevard location before taking the reins at Alliance.

But Kincaid’s isn’t the only business feeding Alliance’s bottom line. So are Sam Moon Trading Co., J.C. Penney and others reporting sales spikes in May. Overall, business has surpassed expectations.

“Sales projections were exceeded by about a third,” said Patrick Murphy, director of real estate for Sam Moon. “Usually, after a grand opening, it [business] dies down. This one hasn’t.”

Added to that business later this month will be Sam Moon Home Decor, making it the company’s largest location even bigger. Also enjoying big business is J.C. Penney, the first retailer to open its doors at the center in late 2006. Since then, it has become among the Plano-based company’s top performers.

“They’ve got a great team out there — good management and a great team of associates,” said company spokesman Tim Lyons. “They’ve really connected with the customers in the area.”

The store is among only 74 of the company’s 1,101 locations to receive the 2008 Chairman’s Award, presented recently by Myron E. Ullman III, company chairman and chief executive.

About 140 employees work at the 104,000-square-foot retail emporium.