News Article | 1/18/2008

Peregrine Point to build HQ at Alliance Airport

The startup passenger and cargo air-charter provider Peregrine Point LLC is building a 58,800-square-foot facility for its corporate headquarters at Fort Worth’s Alliance Airport on property owned by real estate developer Hillwood. The facility is set for completion in August.

Peregrine Point will initially employ 30 employees, according to a statement from Hillwood.

Located on the southeastern edge of Fort Worth Alliance Airport, the new facility will contain 10,000 square feet of offices and will also house two connected hangars with stair-stepped roofs to accommodate one Boeing 737-700C and one Gulfstream 450 aircraft, Hillwood said.

Peregrine has said the two ultra-long-range business-class jets are available on short notice to deliver people or cargo across the country or around the world.

The Boeing 737 aircraft has the flexibility to convert from a 55-person European business-class configuration to a seven pallet, 35,000-pound configuration, as well as having various combined passenger and cargo configurations.