News Article | 9/20/2017

Pomona sees home sales increase as elementary school debuts and Harvey passes

Pomona Elementary, a new campus of Alvin Independent School District, is contributing to a 40 percent rise in sales in Manvel’s Pomona community so far this year.

Other factors include completion of the amenities center, and the addition of houses on 50-foot wide lots priced just under $300,000 by Perry Homes and Highland Homes, according to developer Hillwood Communities. Houses on 55-foot wide lots, by comparison, start around $350,000. Other options include 65-foot and 75-foot wide lots.

“Within the last 3 weeks, we’ve seen an uptick in sales with Harvey smack dab in the middle of it all,” said Russ Bynum, Houston general manager of Hillwood Communities.

“Pomona was high and dry throughout the duration of Harvey. None of our streets flooded.”

During the last 3 weeks, 15 houses have sold in Pomona. That compares with 13 to 14 sales in an average month.

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