News Article | 11/29/2004

Shlachter, Perotin, Fuquay & Co.

Sabry Lee, a company that distributes plastic car accessories, has chosen Flower Mound for a distribution center.The company will import mostly headlights and taillights to the site and then distribute them to the central United States and Mexico.Sabry Lee will open its 70,000-square-foot site at the Lakeside Trade Center 1 building in January after Hillwood finishes with the building expansion.The building was a good fit for Sabry Lee, said company officials.”It is a new warehouse area and it is a very good location in terms of being able to serve our available customers,” spokeswoman Shirley Scott told staff writer Andrea Jares. “The leasing rate was very, very attractive.”Tax abatements on real and personal property from the city and Denton County helped lower the overall cost of doing business there, said Preston Herold, a spokesman for Hillwood Investment Properties, the part of Hillwood that develops property outside of Alliance.Hillwood will still have another 223,000 square feet available at Lakeside Trade Center 1 after Sabry Lee moves in. Other tenants include D&K Healthcare, Exel and Sullivans.Muriel Hsiung of Coldwell Banker represented Sabry Lee in the transaction. Mark Miller of the Robert Lynn Co. represented Hillwood.