News Article | 2/27/2009

Telecom company moving to Alliance

The AllianceTexas development has secured its newest tenant, with Public Communications Services Inc. set to join the sprawling business community.

But does the move portend local jobs? “Yes, absolutely,” said Seth Kekessie, a spokesman with the California company.

How many local openings remain unknown. “We have to move in first and then make that assessment,” said Kekessie, expecting the facility to open in early April.

“Public Communications Services selected this location due to its geographic location in the center of the United States and because of the strength of the telecom technology industry,” CEO Tommie E. Joe said in a press release.

Set to open at 4700 Alliance Gateway in Hillwood’s Alliance Global Logistics Hub is the company’s research, development and manufacturing facility. The firm has leased 18,726 square feet in the Gateway 15 building. The facility will handle manufacturing, product development and other processes.

Spanning 17,000 acres, the AllianceTexas development is home to 200 companies occupying 29 million square feet and employing 28,000 workers.