News Article | 4/23/2007

The Arts Experience

Kristin Gray – Director of Victory Media Network for Hillwood Development

AGE: 35

WHAT I DO: “Oversee all aspects of the Victory Plaza screens, the visible and the behind-the-scenes. So I’m choosing and coordinating all the content that people see, and making sure the boards stay lit.”

WHY IT’S IMPORTANT: All the buzz has centered on the W Hotel, on chic stores and cool condos, all the hipness that money can buy. But giant, high-definition screens hanging above Victory Plaza are being dedicated to creating a walk-through theater showcasing innovative video art. Imagine that: in the heart of Dallas’ latest explosion of car-culture capitalism, a celebration of high-tech art for an audience of pedestrians. Wow.

THE CHALLENGE: “This is something completely original. It’s all about being creative. We’re not trying to do something that’s been done in New York or LA or Chicago. We’re making it up as we go along. And the more we get into it, the more opportunities we’re discovering. We’ve just scratched the surface. I think people are going to be amazed by what they see.”