News Article | 2/18/2011

Real Estate Icon Revs Up Think Tank for Residential Sector

DALLAS – Real estate icon Ross Perot Jr. has launched a think tank, “InnovationHillwood,” to develop forward-thinking initiatives for community design, technology, conservation and education.

The think tank will be comprised of industry veterans and experts, whose names will be announced later this year. The mission is “Live Smart,” an affirmation of Hillwood’s strong commitment to the industry, realtors and homebuyers.

“For two decades Hillwood’s name has been synonymous with innovation and master planning excellence,” said Ross Perot Jr., chairman of Hillwood. “The goal for InnovationHillwood is to continue raising that bar and put a discipline around what we do. We are assembling the best in each of these fields to continually guide us to meet our objectives and become even smarter about how we plan our communities.”

As part of the plan, Perot is changing the name of its single-family residential development business to Hillwood Communities. Fred Balda remains president of the division.

Also coming soon will be details about the first Live Smart community, Rocky Creek, which is set on 486 acres in southwest Austin. It will open in March.

Since 1988, Hillwood has developed at least 20,000 single-family lots in more than 60 cities, focusing primarily on North Texas. In recent years, it’s expanded to Wyoming, Florida, California, Nevada, Hawaii and Costa Rica.