Hillwood Development Company


Hillwood believes in the value and power of collaboration. Partnerships serve as the foundation of our business, and we work closely with government entities, long-term land owners, investors, developers, builders and other organizations to develop our renowned projects. We can't do it without them. In many cases, we contribute the go-forward capital and real estate development team necessary to help our partners accomplish their long-term objectives. The results are improvements in jobs, tax base, business environment and appreciated value of assets.

The Hillwood team seeks partners who share our values and commitment to quality. From collaborating with federal and local agencies on major development projects and working with a local farmer to provide organic farm-to-table produce for our residents, to drafting warehouse designs with architects for our commercial tenants, we partner with countless organizations and individuals to enhance quality of life and increase economic activity across entire regions.

Public-Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships have been especially significant. We frequently work with public entities at all levels of government to structure, negotiate, finance, design, develop, construct and operate new facilities. The Hillwood team is expert at envisioning possibilities and working cooperatively with governments and commercial partners to bring to life complex projects that serve as economic engines for entire regions.

The values for our partners are numerous, including:

    • Providing a dedicated team of real estate professionals
    • Providing new equity and debt
    • Private experience and capabilities on large projects
    • Potential additional revenue for the partner
    • For public partners, needed public facilities can often be made available more rapidly and cost-effectively than following a standard government budgeting and funding process
    • Savings through procurement, since private partners often do not have procurement expertise or scale
    • Area revitalization through job creation and economic growth

Hillwood has a history of substantial investments in public-private projects, creating maximum value for all stakeholders.

Please visit the AllianceTexas case study to read about our partnership with the City of Fort Worth and the Federal Aviation Administration to build the world’s first industrial airport in 1988, which has since evolved into the 27,000-acre development known as AllianceTexas.